About Hire4Kiwis

Welcome to Hire4Kiwis!

We are a proudly Kiwi-owned company, based in New Zealand, dedicated to connecting talented individuals with exciting opportunities. We bridge the talent gap by offering a comprehensive platform with two key services:

  • Recruitment Solutions: We assist local businesses in finding top talent from around the world. Our mission is to streamline your hiring process by advertising positions on our website, screening and shortlisting candidates, and ensuring only the most qualified individuals reach your desk.
  • Student Consultancy: We empower ambitious students seeking international education pathways. We offer personalized guidance through the entire process, from exploring top institutions and programs to navigating application procedures and securing visas.

Addressing Your Challenges:

We understand the challenges faced by both businesses and students in New Zealand. Companies struggle to attract skilled professionals, while students often feel overwhelmed by the complexities of international education options.

Our Solution:

Hire4Kiwis simplifies the process for both sides. We offer:

  • Businesses: Access to a global talent pool, efficient candidate screening, and a streamlined hiring process.
  • Students: Expert guidance to find the perfect program, application support, and visa assistance.

Your Success is Our Goal:

Whether you’re a business seeking top talent or a student pursuing international education dreams, Hire4Kiwis is your trusted partner. We are committed to guiding you towards success.

Our Goals

For Businesses:

  • Facilitate Successful Hires: Match you with qualified candidates, both locally and internationally, who possess the skills and cultural fit to excel in your organization.
  • Bridge the Talent Gap: Expand your talent pool and access a wider range of skilled professionals for various industries.
  • Streamline the Hiring Process: Save time and resources with our user-friendly platform for job listing, candidate screening, and shortlisting.
  • Embrace Diversity & Inclusion: Build a more diverse and inclusive workforce, fostering innovation and creativity within your company.
  • Support Business Growth: Contribute to your success by attracting top talent that fuels your growth and propels the New Zealand economy forward.

For Students:

  • Empower Your Future: Explore top institutions and international education pathways with our personalized guidance.
  • Streamline Applications: Gain expert support navigating application procedures and securing visas.
  • Achieve Your Dreams: Partner with us to find the perfect program and turn your international education goals into reality.
  • Unlock Your Potential: Access a global network of opportunities and build a foundation for a successful future.
  • Become a Global Citizen: Expand your horizons and gain valuable international experience.

Build Lasting Partnerships:

Whether you’re a business seeking top talent or a student pursuing international education dreams, Hire4Kiwis is your trusted partner. We are committed to guiding you towards success through exceptional service, personalized support, and tailored solutions.

Mission Statement

Hire4Kiwis: Your Gateway to Success

Mission: We connect talented individuals with exciting opportunities, empowering businesses and students to achieve their goals.

How We Do It:

  • Businesses: Access top talent, build diverse teams, and streamline hiring.
  • Students: Explore international education, secure visas, and launch fulfilling careers.


  • Ethical Practices
  • Personalized Support
  • Lasting Partnerships


  • Business Growth
  • Student Success
  • Economic Prosperity

Our Service

At Hire4Kiwis, we offer a comprehensive range of services to simplify and optimize the hiring process for New Zealand companies:

Hire4Kiwis: Services for Businesses and Students


  • Effortless Hiring: List jobs, screen candidates, and connect with top talent – all on our user-friendly platform.
  • Global Reach: Advertise openings on our website and target the right audience through social and print media.
  • Expert Matching: Our team meticulously screens applications to present you with the best candidates.
  • Streamlined Process: Save time and resources with our comprehensive support throughout the hiring journey.


  • Explore Opportunities: Discover top institutions and international education pathways.
  • Expert Guidance: Navigate applications, visas, and build a solid foundation for your future.
  • Personalized Support: Our team is here to answer questions and empower you to achieve your goals.
  • Global Network: Access a world of possibilities and launch your international career.

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